Foreclosed House Rescue Game

Foreclosed House Rescue

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Bring-out the best of your skills and logic here on this rescue adventure! Foreclosed House Rescue is the newest point and click house rescue escape game from Genie Fun Games. Have fun with us daily.

Adventures can be very frequent especially on the time of Halloween, it's okay but the main problem of it however is the place they would choose to go to. There was this girl who was quite adventurous that she can go from haunted forests to abandoned houses and she would just be fine while her friends typically runs first. One day, she brought her friends again to another adventure and this time, it's in the abandoned houses district for she heard rumors again of the area being haunted. You can all guess what happened next, and in the end her friends came running back for their adventurous friend got trapped inside one of the abandoned houses!

Luckily, the friends came to the best person they can ask for help to, and that was officer Benson who was stationed in the area. Benson knew this girl and she often gets herself in-trouble, looks like it's another one again and her parents must be responsible for that. Escape players, the officer is going to rescue that girl quick for the houses there can be dangerous, care to join in with Benson and see if you can all get the girl out safely? Good luck then and stay alert as well for the structures there are old.

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