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Escape King Cobra

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You just came from work when you saw your aunt putting a tiny bird on a cage. She looked so proud as she showed you the bird inside. You tried to smile at her but your face just got stuck on a poker face. She did't mind you and instead told you the story of how she was able to catch the bird. It turned out that the bird was just learning to fly. It must have been exhausted. So it rested for a while and your aunt took advantage of it. She wasn't very young anymore but she could still move freely. And it must have excited her to catch something that would usually move swiftly. You went out to look at the bird. You just couldn't appreciate your aunt's effort in catching the bird. Little by little you began opening the cage.

Your aunt saw you and opened the cage herself. You couldn't stand the awkwardness. So you asked her to take some fresh air with you at the beach. She willingly agreed. You let her explore the place on her own as you took your own route as well. Just then, you found another animal inside a cage. This time it was a king cobra. Play Escape King Cobra outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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