Abandoned Prison Game

Abandoned Prison

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You thought it would be super cool to find an abandoned prison and make it into an attraction. Prison places might freak out some. However, you found a different charm in it. There were so many stories whispered in its walls. And you felt like certain emotions remain inside that could give visitors a whole new unique experience. There was a prison in a city nearby. And you believed you could make use of it for your project. You went there on your own to check the property before bringing the rest of your group. The prison still had a strong structure. It seemed like you didn't have to do much with it. Then again, you should ensure the safety of your visitors. You tried swinging the door to see how if it was still functioning well. However, you must have swung it hard.

The door shut. You immediately ran towards it to try to open it. But the door jammed. And no matter what you did, it just wouldn't open. So you thought of looking around in the hopes of finding something you could use to open the door. Play Abandoned Prison room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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