Escape From Tiger Forest

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The tiger forest is kind of like a natural sanctuary, for tigers thrive there and that’s why the place is being protected to preserve not just the tigers, but also everything that lives in that land there. As one of the conservationists, Aaron is actually very new there but today he was already assigned to patrol a certain area and this time alone.

This is the first time Aaron will be patrolling alone for his suppose to be partner is currently out and somebody still needs to patrol there. Little did he know a problem is looming over him and escape players, you will be needed on that as soon as the trouble makes itself known, for Aaron will surely be 100 percent vulnerable there. Will you be able to join Aaron and see if you can help him with the trouble he is spiraling into in the forest? Careful now, for tigers could be in the darkness there waiting.

Escape From Tiger Forest is a new point-and-click wilderness escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Tiger Forest

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