Escape From Mysterious Land Game

Escape From Mysterious Land

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There was something going on on an island a few miles away from the mainland where you lived. You always heard creepy stories about it. But you didn't really mind any of them. It was Mysterious Island for a reason. However, it was miles away so anything mysterious could just stay there. You lived peacefully despite the growing worries of the people around you. Yet as days went by, more and more people were asking the mayor to send some people there to put a stop to the mysteries of the place. Obviously, nobody really wanted to face whatever horror it housed. So the mayor randomly chose the names of the explorers. Your name was one of them. Your neighbors expected you to breakdown or run away. But instead, you went inside your home and immediately packed up. You wanted to get things over with immediately.

You arrived at the mysterious island and you immediately understood the fear of the people. There was something strange on the island but no one could really point out what it was. However, you couldn't just leave the island without performing what you were tasked to do. Play Escape From Mysterious Land outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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