Abandoned Factory Escape 15 Game

Abandoned Factory Escape 15

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There was a part in the factory where many workers avoid. However, there were also two workers who enjoyed being there. Since many workers avoid the place, there was constant peace and quiet there. Then again, they should always be aware of the faulty things surrounding them. One wrong move could make them trapped and it wouldn't be an easy task to free them. Everything was going fine until they thought of staying behind after work. They wanted to have some drinks before leaving the factory and they chose their favorite place to empty the bottles. They were having such a good time. Their voices rang throughout the factory. It only took them a few minutes to empty the bottles and they decided to head straight home. However, their minds were somewhere else. And they mistook one of the faulty doors as the exit.

One of the workers entered it and find himself locked inside. The other worker realized what happened and began knocking loudly on the door. He only got tired. So he looked for his phone and dialed your number. You were living nearby and they were your good friends. You likewise knew your way around the factory and could really help them out. Play Abandoned Factory Escape 15 room escape game by First Escape Games.

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