Escape from King Castle Game

Escape from King Castle

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The king's gone completely mad. When he inherited the throne from his uncle, he looked promising. He was young, diligent and smart. He seeked out the words of his advisors and usually took the advices as well. After the unfortunate hunting accident of his son, the prince, he started to change. At first, he reduced the numbers of his advisors. For then, everyone thought it was to reduce the court expenses. However, the next step was a fair warning. He executed his closest advisor, Sir Jean Hollo, the best friend of his uncle, the previous king. He said Sir Hollo tried to seduce the Queen. From then, the advisors were forced out of the court and now the king's ruling without anyone overseeing it. A group of loyal nobles sent you to the castle, to see how the king's doing and find a way to calm him down. Good luck!

  1. Date: July 20, 2015
    Author: dewed
    Looked like a great game. But I shake too much to do the tracing thing.

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