Escape From Fantasy Island Game

Escape From Fantasy Island

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The entire island even though it is rumored to be a fantasy place, there have also been rumors of it being filled with horrors and that is the true essence of the island aside from it being a paradise. Karl has a routine of coming to the place by boat just to relax and hunt for sea-life just near it, but even then he never have been deep into the island where the horrors are there according to the stories, still Karl only sees the beauty of the place but where is the scary? That is why Karl decided to really check the place out and that is where he will realize that the stories are actually true.

Karl ventured directly deep into the forest and it was very hard to do so thanks to the thick vegetation, but eventually he made it and saw almost immediately behind a bush that there were scary creatures there and strange structures! Karl immediately decided to turn-back but it seems too late now, for the creatures have already spotted him and chased him right after! Escape players, Karl needs help here right-now, will you be able to aid him by escaping from the forest successfully? Dodge the scary things then and at the same time, use all that you can find to help.

Escape From Fantasy Island is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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