Fantasy Floating Island Escape

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Not all lands here in this area of the ocean are normal, for there are some that are quite enchanted. This place in the sea has islands which are scattered across it, some looked normal, but the others are floating and hidden! Not all people can see these islands however, only the gifted are and Omar is one of them.

Omar can actually see these islands and despite of his companions whenever they go there together are saying that there is nothing there, he disagrees with them. Well at first he didn’t and shrugged this to his imagination, but as he grew and had the resources and the courage to approach these mirage islands, he was able to finally conclude that they are indeed solid and real! Since that day he had been coming to this area where there are a lot of them unseen islands, each would have a different property however. That day it seems he became a bit unsure there, for now as he traveled this path in the narrow straits between the islands, he got lost and now he couldn’t find his way out of there! This is not good and what he thinks is that this place finally took a toll on him. If that’s the case then he needs to leave before this gets worst. Escape players, want to help Omar here escape before he becomes a permanent part of these places or whatever?

Fantasy Floating Island Escape is a brand new point and click strange wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Fantasy Floating Island Escape

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