Fantasy Sunset Island Escape

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This hidden beach here which you visited is starting to lose its green and blue hues, that’s because the sun is starting to set and everything is starting to go dark. What an awesome view it gave though and the mix of colors were just absolutely fantastic. But there was a problem with that though, for you really can’t concentrate on that right-now, that’s because you are currently having a hard time trying to get back to the house where you are staying. Soon when the sun completely sets and you are still lost there, then it will surely be hard to navigate.

There is still a chance at the moment however, will you be able to find your way back then before the sun is no more? Escape players, you are in this situation now and you must escape before this thing gets worst. Navigate around the beach’s paths there while there is still light. Make use of everything you can find and most especially clues which can lead you back to where you are suppose to be. Careful as well for if you make a mistake then you might get even more lost in the area there.

Fantasy Sunset Island Escape is the newest point and click beach escape game from Hidden O Games.

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2 years ago

Nice music and scenery! I was unable to complete it, however, as one of the crabs disappeared after I placed it.