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Escape Fantasy Village
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You thought you're having too much reality. So you ventured out to Fantasy Village. It's all you ever dreamed of. You're very fond of role playing games where you're the protagonist. Then you have to interact with various people to get deeper into the stories. You always admire the background of the scenes and wonder what it would feel like to really be there. You often close your eyes and imagine yourself running through the wide fields with the wind blowing your hair and the gentle light from the sun warms you. But you'll open your eyes to the reality of your small messy room. So when you heard about the quest to find Fantasy Village, you immediately jumped in to join. You rarely leave your house. Yet you surprised people in joining this. They thought you'd hate it. But you didn't care about them.

So you joined the journey and successfully reached Fantasy Village. For a few months you were able to live your fantasies. You thought you could get used to this. However, it seemed like the Fantasy Village is taking your thoughts and turning them into "reality". You're sick of it. You want reality back. Play Escape Fantasy Village room escape game by Avm Games.

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