Find Spooky Treasure Pumpkin House Game

Find Spooky Treasure Pumpkin House

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You're an aspiring witch. No one from your family ever succeeded in doing so. Most of them are too clumsy when it comes to concocting potions. Instead of creating something that can heal, they always end up creating a monster. The authorities usually have to come over to take care of things. This continued until your sister stepped in. She spent her teenage years in your forest house where she practiced spells and potion making. You only knew about the progress she's making through her letters. She rarely comes home and you rarely get to visit her. Then one day, you received a letter saying she already flew to a different location to continue her training. She left you the key to the house. You didn't think twice to take her place and live in it. Everything is quite for one month.

After that, you can hear some people talking from somewhere but you can't really point where. A few more days and they start revealing themselves. One of them is a witch from the Pumpkin House. She hires you to look for an important item in exchange of ingredients for your potion. You can't say no to them. Play Find Spooky Treasure Pumpkin House room escape game by Mirchigames.

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