Halloween Deer Hunting Forest Escape Game

Halloween Deer Hunting Forest Escape

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You spend most of your teenage life in a magic school. Your parents thought you entered a school for magic tricks. They were so mad that you chose to learn such silly stuffs instead of going to university. You let them thought of things that way. It was easier than trying to explain to them that you acquired magical powers while saving some ants from a basin full of water in your backyard. As strange as it may seem, that particular event led to you gaining powers. You would always check the basin for some ants that may have fallen in the water. Sometimes you were able to save them alive. Other times you were too late. Yet nevertheless, you still go outside everyday to check on them. Little did you know that someone was taking notes of the things you were doing.

After the tenth day, she revealed herself and immediately gave you a gift. It was really weak and requires constant practice to strengthen it. However, doing it in the open is a no-no. So off to school you go. Then a few months passed and you were given an assignment to save a deer in the hunting forest. Play Halloween Deer Hunting Forest Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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