This room is almost barren saved for the lone shelf in Escape Fan 5 Rooms.

Escape Fan 5 Rooms

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A closed room murder alerted the SDPD. It happened at the Rollins Family Manor. Aside from the household, there are also dinner party guests. While Detective Mara Gale interviews suspects, she takes mental note of the five rooms inside the manor. It is a baffling case indeed because of the nature of the crime.  Detective Gale’s findings suggests that the room is closed and there are no signs of a force entry. Forensics, in addition to collected physical evidence, did not find any openings within the bedroom walls where a gun could probably fit into. Lastly, the position of the gun and how the victim held it seems suspicious, so a suicide is likely to be ruled out. The people downstairs and the staffs did not hear any gunshots at all. Any one of the five rooms hold the secret to solving this murder.

Escape Fan 5 Rooms is our new game developed by Ainars. This escape game plays in 5 rooms, where you have to find objects and solve puzzles to get out. Good luck!

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Walkthrough video for Escape Fan 5 Rooms

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