The Bedroom Game

The Bedroom

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You have this very weird ability that you still can't control. You have this ability to wake up in a different room everyday. It's very weird indeed and it's not something you can control. You still have a long way to go before you can either control it or eradicate it. Although it can be cool, you can't find any good use of it. Since you can't control where you'll be waking up next, you find it a hassle. Then again, you don't know who or where to ask for help. So while you still have it, you make sure to be as noiseless as possible. You don't want to make others be bothered with your ability. However, there were still some time when you would wake up with strangers. You would instantly get up and rush somewhere where you can hide until you can return home.

This time, you wake up at a lady's room. It's very organized and pretty. But the lady isn't here. She may be out with her friends as it's Saturday today. This is exactly good news. Who knows how she'll react when she sees you inside her room. However, you still can't hang around comfortably. Someone else might enter the room and get the wrong idea. Play The Bedroom room escape game by Escape Games 3.

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