Escape Dangerous Beach Game

Escape Dangerous Beach

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Your friend booked a trip to a beach for your summer getaway. You have no idea where the beach is or how to get there. You only know that it's a beautiful one as seen in the pictures your friend showed you. She's very excited to show it to you and always talks about how she wants you to be there soon. You only met her after a few years. She isn't your best friend and you rarely talked in school back then. However, she always openly expressed how much she wanted to be like you. You never found it flattering as you just didn't see yourself that way. Then years passed and she went abroad to work. She even asked you for some advice before leaving. You shared with her everything you knew about travelling abroad. Then she later on revealed she'll be working there instead.

You felt a bit worried about her but then you also knew how strong she is. Your communication stopped yet you can still see updates from her in her social media account. She seems to be living a good life there. Then her message about the beach popped in your inbox. You accepted her offer but you felt like you shouldn't have. Play Escape Dangerous Beach outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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