Halloween Cemetery Getaway Game

Halloween Cemetery Getaway

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It's Halloween but you don't want to put up scary things in your house. You want your house to be the safe place when you have too much scary stuffs around you. So you search for hip place to spend the Halloween night. Many results pop up and you almost choose one of them. However, you're not very fond of places where there are too many people. You fear you won't be able to tell who's a monster and who's not. And you also fear that you'll have scary thoughts before going to bed. So you skip those places and find others that can cater only a few number of people. Again many results pop up but they look like they're for cults. Goosebumps appear on your skin as you continue to scroll through the results. You begin to wonder if they are legal.

You stand up for a while to stretch your limbs and also get a look at what's happening outside. Then your eyes fall on the picture of your deceased friend. She used to love Halloween but after going through the scary ride, she began fearing it. So you decide to stay in the cemetery to keep her company. You didn't expect what happens next. Play Halloween Cemetery Getaway outdoor escape game by New Escape Games.

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