Monkey Go Happy – Stage 240 Game

Monkey Go Happy – Stage 240

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It's getting pretty cold in your place and you wish to be somewhere warm and sunny. However, you don't have the funds to be somewhere else. You can only look at the pictures of tropical countries and wish you're also there sipping fresh coconut juices. You take out your art supplies to distract yourself from the cold. The beach seems like a good subject so you start sketching it. While doing so, your eyes get heavy. You remember you were very busy yesterday stacking up the firewood. All your energy used up, sleep comes knocking for you to have some rest. Before falling into unconsciousness of sleep, you picture in your mind the sunny and warm beach hoping to have a good dream about it. You sleep with a smile on your face as you try to feel with your body the temperature of the tropics.

Suddenly, your sleep is cut short as a phone call comes in. You look at the caller and it's from the headquarters asking you to come over. You smile widely as this may be your chance to be somewhere sunny. However, upon receiving the mission, you pull your layers of clothes closer to your body. Play Monkey Go Happy - Stage 240 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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