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Escape The Candy Island

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You wished Candy Island arrived earlier. When you were younger, you used to dream of rooms filled with food. Then you saw a cartoon where it showed it was possible. Since then, you kept on dreaming about it. But your most favorite out of all the rooms was the candy room. It was so colorful and fun with the varying shapes and textures. Of course, you didn't really have the room yet. Yet you still found it fun to imagine and draw it. One windy day, you near the shore still working on your candy room. Suddenly, a strong breeze blew and took away your drawing. You ran so hard trying to catch it. However, the wind carried the drawing to the ship and you never saw it again. You tried to replicate your drawing. But you just didn't feel the same enthusiasm you had before.

Years passed by and your room full of food didn't become a reality. You still thought about it once in a while but reality had a strong hold on you already. Until one day, you received an invitation to a newly opened island. When you saw the picture, your went back to the day the wind blew your drawing. It was the same candy filled place. Play Escape The Candy Island outdoor escape game by Escape 007 Games.

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