Hippo Jungle Escape Game

Hippo Jungle Escape

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You thought hippos could only exist in one type of environment. However, it turned out that some species adapted to living in the forest. And that was why you were here. You heard of this specie from a conversation next to your table at a restaurant. You were waiting for a friend to arrive. But it seemed like he stood you up. So you ordered yourself some fine wine to make good use of your time there. Then you heard the people beside you talk about a specific forest where the hippos reside. You were not sure if you were just too drunk to hear weird things from them. Or you really heard them right. You waited until they finished their conversation before leaving. You hit the bed immediately and even felt a slight headache the morning after. However, the memory of hearing the conversation remained in your mind.

To stop yourself from wondering, you researched about the mentioned forest. And after collecting all the necessary information, you stepped out of your house to see the place for yourself. It looked like any other forests. But what stood out the most was the hippos that resided there. Play Hippo Jungle Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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