Cow Escape (Zoo Zoo Games) Game

Cow Escape (Zoo Zoo Games)

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Your favorite cow can always be seen around your farm. It would just eat the grass and then just sit. You never saw it moving so far from the farm. So you thought that it would stay like that every time. However, there might be something interesting somewhere. You saw the cow leave the farm. You thought it was just looking for more grass to graze on. Then you went back to your work to finish them before the day end. You happened to glance at your other animals and they were all doing well. All the while you thought your cow was just fine as well. But when you scanned the surroundings, it was no longer there. You dropped your things to look a little farther. Yet no matter how much you extended your neck, the cow just could not be seen.

You started to panic. Your cow wouldn't leave the area unless someone guided it. After securing your remaining animals, you stepped out of the farm and into the space beyond. Your cow could not have gone that far. So you might find it and bring it back immediately. But instead of seeing the cow free, its freedom already stayed behind a trap. Play Cow Escape (Zoo Zoo Games) outdoor escape game by Zoo Zoo Games.

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