Candy Canes Game

Candy Canes

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Sneaky is such a sneak. He invites you over to Christmas town to enjoy the various Christmas sweets. However, you don't know that he's crazy for candy canes. He somehow feels like you'll be his competitor for it. So he enters the town earlier without waiting for you. Then he takes a lot of candies and run around trying to hide from you. In his rush, he stumbles on a stone and the candy canes scatter. The store owner sees him and doesn't like what he is seeing. He gave the candies for free but it seems like he'll change his mind soon upon seeing them scattering. Sneaky is sorry for what happened. But the store owner wants him to collect all the candy canes or else he'll be in town for a long time. You feel sorry for Sneaky as well but you want him to call you.

You are just standing outside the town waiting for him. Then you hear his call and you enter without looking at him. He calls you once more and you smile at him. He smiles back and hurries to tell you about his predicament. You're always ready and willing to help though. Play Candy Canes room escape game by Melting-Mindz.

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