Small Candy Boy Escape

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This little boy under the care of Sean is now his adopted son and this kid is always joyful no matter what. He also likes to roam around even when Sean told him not to do that especially when he doesn’t know about it. Well he is young and can only say yes or no but sometimes would mean otherwise. That day this kid did something Sean was strongly not allowing him to do, and that is to enter the old castle there in the town but still he did!

Sean upon noticing that his son was missing from the house, he immediately searched high and low for him, eventually his search led him to the castle for he saw a glimpse of him walking in there. He almost had him but the little guy was walking quite swiftly, he needs to get to him now for this place is full of danger and he is too young for all of this. Escape players, will you help Sean here then so he can get his son back to his arms and safe? Quickly now before he gets trap there somewhere.

Small Candy Boy Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Small Candy Boy Escape

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