Greeny Forest Hut Escape Game

Greeny Forest Hut Escape

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You are in charge of a part of the library and you always make sure to read at least one book per week. This section has a mixture of books and you don't have to arrange them at all. But you just have to make sure that none of the books will be lost. For a little fun, you don't look at the books when you decide to read. You just pick blindly and read all of it. This week, you remember your hut in the forest with the book you're reading. And you think it will be wonderful if you can read the book there. So you schedule your weekend for some time in the hut that you built yourself. You simply make use of the things you find in the surrounding an piece them together. This doesn't make the structure very sturdy though. Then again, it's functional.

But you must admit, there are parts of the house that needs more work than the others. And you're referring to your door. There are a couple of times already when you locked yourself inside. So you spent most of your time trying to get out instead of convening with nature. You're really hoping it won't happen again today. But fate has other plans. Play Greeny Forest Hut Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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