Elate Girl Escape

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Have fun on this indoor rescue here everyone. Elate Girl Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by 8b Games for another dose of fun. Best of luck!

Alfred had this friend who lives a house before him and she was kind of proactive, she always smiles and keeps everyone around her happy. One day, Alfred decided to pay her a visit again for the day got boring, maybe she can share some stories with him and end the day good. And so Alfred asked his mother that he’s going and probably return before dinner, after that he went off. But little did Alfred knew that there was going to be a situation in the house and it concerns his friend.

Alfred knocked and opened the door to his friend’s place, but he was confused as to why it seems like there’s nobody around and his friend did not welcome him there, instead he heard a cry for help coming from one of the rooms and that got Alfred pretty concerned! Alfred’s friend is a very elated girl at all times, but with the sounds of her cries, it really is giving-off the opposite which Alfred never got from her before. Escape players come along and join in the rescue here for Alfred’s friend from her house. Have fun then and may your skills as well as your logic work on this one.


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6 months ago

40 votes with a high score for a puzzle that doesn’t seem solvable. Hmmm…

There is no apparent clue for the zoo animals or for the red/green dots.