Dungeon Way Out Escape 2 Game

Dungeon Way Out Escape 2

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You were reading a digital book in the newly opened digital library in your city. You wondered why it opened its first branch here when your city wasn't as bustling as the others. Not many people showed interest in any kind of book at all. But since it was already there, you took advantage of the features it offered. You entered the place and you could instantly tell that it was far from anything you'd ever seen. It was like straight out of a sci-fi movie and you were the hero in it. You cautiously looked for the librarian. But what faced you was a humanoid robot. You felt weird at first but you likewise found it helpful. You wanted to know if there were still old books in this kind of library. And surprisingly they had. You looked for the ones about dungeons.

Some information about this place in the castle disappeared in most books. The robot handed you a tablet and told you to tap the play button. As you did, the time stopped, the library turned grey, and you spun very fast. You must have lost your consciousness. And when you finally realized you were inside a dungeon, you couldn't find a way out. Play Dungeon Way Out Escape 2 room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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