Dungeon Nightmares Game

Dungeon Nightmares

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You're very sleepy last night. However, you can't easily go to bed as you have lost the key to your door. Your door does not close unless a key is inserted. So instead of sleeping away the drowsiness, you ended up searching everywhere in your home. At around one in the morning, you finally found the key. After making sure that your door was locked, you instantly hit the bed. You didn't have to wait for seven minutes to fall asleep. Instantly, your eyes closed shut. However, you were not aware of it. All the while you thought you're still waiting for sleep to come. Until you decided to open your eyes. And that's when you became fully awake. You were not in your bedroom anymore. You seemed to be in a dungeon. Although you don't have any prejudices about dungeons, you definitely felt creepy in here.

You tried to move around to get a feel of the surroundings. However, none of the places nor things felt familiar to you. Still, you pushed forward to anywhere your feet will lead you. It seemed that everywhere else was better than where you were standing. Play Dungeon Nightmares room escape game by Mirchigames.

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