Dark Dungeon Escape Game

Dark Dungeon Escape

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The government falsely accuses you of selling away national secrets to enemy countries and orders for your freedom taken away. The sentencing is swift because they want you where they can keep you. The truth is, you are able to dig suficient evidence against a corrupt minister. He's stealing money from the university fund and investing it to his company. Unfortunately, he beat you to the upper leaders before you could gather evidence.

There is still a slight chance to get out from here and get your revenge. For this, you have to do your best and find a way out which has taken you many years. The dungeons, although an unforgiving place, is deteriorating. If it weren't for its many years, its stone walls would not have loosened. Finally, you're able to free yourself. You hid behind the shadows of society until you're ready to set your plans in motion.

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