The Busted Papers - The IMP House Game

The Busted Papers - The IMP House

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You thought you'll be seeing sleeping kids and beautifully decorated human houses. You aren't expecting to see some other creature's house. Christmas season has already passed but Santa is still on a mission. And you are chosen to accompany him as he fulfills it. However, there's a catch. You don't know anything about it yet. He said that you'll get to know about it as you go along the way. You know Santa will never bring you close to danger of any sort. So you agree to help him out. In your head, you'll still be working with the gifts and delivering them to kids. But you also have a doubt about it. You spend the rest of the days waiting for your departure in deep thought about the mission Santa has for this time of the year. Then you hear a knock on your door.

You know this is the signal for the start of the mission. You have no idea what to prepare and you just arrive at the meeting place as is. Santa has a different vehicle for this time but with the same unbelievable speed. Soon you arrive at the IMP house. You have only seen them in a game. Now that you're in their house, you don't know what to expect. Play The Busted Papers - The IMP House room escape game by Enagames.

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