Village House Diamond Escape Game

Village House Diamond Escape

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Nobody knows why you're here. They're all thinking you're just on your vacation. But you're really out for a mission. A mission your grandparents gave you before they left. You weren't able to move forward ever since their departure. You spent most of your time just wanting to disappear from the world. Then you heard a vehicle parking in front of your house. You checked to see who it was and they were your aunt and uncle. They were to take you in a week after the thrill of the events died down. However, you never wanted to be with them. You just wanted to have another chance at life alone. So you hid under your bed hoping they would just come back some other time. While trying to keep your whole body hidden, you bumped on something. It was a sealed box.

This box was what your grandparents gave you but you never opened. It seemed like it was inviting you to take a peek inside. So you opened it and read about a house in a village where diamonds were hidden. It could help you with the new life you were trying to live. So get out there at once to start your search. Play Village House Diamond Escape outdoor escape game by Sivi Games.

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