Duck Escape (Zoo Zoo Games) Game

Duck Escape (Zoo Zoo Games)

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Jack and you were neighbors when you were younger. You went to the same school and liked the same things. But you weren't very friendly to each other the first time you met. He was a bit of a nerd and you were very aloof. You would get on the same bus. But you never even talked to each other. That was until the day of the school trip came. Your teacher surprised you with a trip to the zoo. You were so excited that day. You entered the bus smiling happily and Jack happened to glanced at you. He found your smile welcoming that he began talking to you. You liked how much he talked about animals. After that, you became best friends. Every creature that you felt was in trouble had to be rescued by the two of you. But Jack had to move somewhere else.

He stayed on the mountains while you remained in the city. Yet you always made time for each other. He would go down to visit you. And you would sometimes go up the mountain to visit him. Whenever you did, you'd always have to help him out with his animals. This was actually what you look forward to every time. Play Duck Escape (Zoo Zoo Games) outdoor escape game by Zoo Zoo Games.

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