Fantastic House Escape (Avm Games) Game

Fantastic House Escape (Avm Games)

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You only had closest friends. They were actually your only friends. You were not the type to just join in the conversation and feel comfortable with strangers. It would take you a long time and a right situation for you to easily warm up with people. And you never really cared if people wouldn't want to be close with you. For most of your life, you were used to being alone. People who wanted to talk to you can just easily come and go. But they wouldn't hear a thing about it from you. These five friends however, already knew how to deal with you. You were still open with them just leaving you alone anytime. But while they were still with you, you enjoyed their company. You agreed to meet at a fantastic house for a little bit of fun. People might find it strange, but you still played.

Your friends agreed to play hide and seek. You were on the winning side which meant you get to hide. Of the few things you were good at, this was one of them. So you hid somewhere in the kitchen. You saw your friend walked by. However, he didn't see you. You thought to surprise him when he walked by again. But none of them walked by anymore. Play Fantastic House Escape (Avm Games) room escape game by Avm Games.

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