Dorset Horn Escape Game

Dorset Horn Escape

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Kenneth's farm is getting bigger and he is now taking in rare species of farm animals, from then his time is getting more valuable to him for animals needs constant daily care. Kenneth has this new breed of rare sheep and in-fact it's quite endangered! Those new sheep of his are called Dorset horns and he ventured into it so at least he can rescue their declining numbers and make them less endangered. One day however, Kenneth came across a problem for one night when he checks his sheep, he couldn't find one or two of his Dorsets and that really flipped him out!

Kenneth looked for his missing sheep and fortunately though he found them, they were actually inside one of the barns in his area and it's weird, for this is really no way that they can transport from one place to another, he knows he sheltered his sheep earlier in their own barn and plus some of his black sheep is out as well, he needs to shelter them too. That's not all with the problems there however, for when Kenneth tried the door of that barn where his sheep was trapped, he couldn't open them! He was now very confused what is going and he now has a huge suspicion that somebody is pulling some strings here, well he needs to solve all of these now before another thing happens. Escape players, come and help Kenneth here as he solves his problems in his farm.

Dorset Horn Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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