Diamond Door Escape Game

Diamond Door Escape

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Every time you saw sparkly things, you would always try to have it for yourself. The sparkly things could just be candy wrappers, or even just pieces of anything lying around. You would pick it up and put in your sparkling box. When you felt down and kinda sad, you would just look at the stuffs from your box. Somehow, the sparkles also brought happiness and brightness in your day. However, it seemed like your love for these kinds of things just grew and showed no signs of stopping. Until your love grew to love of diamonds. You just couldn't get enough of the pretty reflections the diamonds made. You don't have adequate money to buy yourself a lot of it. So you end up just going to various places to admire them. That was all you could do at the moment.

Your friend noticed your hobby and suggested you visit a diamond place. You looked at him questioningly. You just wanted to admire the diamonds without getting in trouble for it. He laughed a little then showed you a map for the place. You saw how easy it was to follow the directions that you immediately took up his offer. Play Diamond Door Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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