Find The Black Diamond Game

Find The Black Diamond

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You were a witch in training and you knew you still had a lot to do. Your mother failed to teach you anything about it. She went with a group of witches to find someone who could bring peace to humans and witches. And she wasn't able to get back yet. So you worked on your own to discover how witches should be. You likewise recently discovered a hidden library in your house. It contained a lot of books about spells and potions. And that was where you discovered about the black diamond. This black diamond was mostly used to perform different spells. And could make potion making even more successful. You couldn't wait to get your hands on this diamond. So you took out your map and traced the path towards the location. It wasn't complicated. But you knew you needed to prepare for something else.

You took with you all of the stuffs you knew. This was your first time being in such situation but you were confident that you'd get through it one way or the other. Luckily, the surrounding was bright so it would be easier to spot a black item. But you could also mistake it as a rock. So you kept your senses on the alert. Play Find The Black Diamond outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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