Death Skeleton Halloween Escape

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Bridgette went to her friend’s house to get this skeleton grim reaper costume for Halloween which she will be putting-up outside her house for a scare to trick or treaters. Her friend of course have said it before to just take it from a room there in her place and she was even given a key to the place. Bridgette is a little scared of this undertaking, for her friend have told her before that her place is haunted, she is scared to face whatever is in that place so she decided to be quick with this and then leave. She enters the place and then head for the room, she  was in a haste and really she shouldn’t have, for her frantic behavior caused her to forget where the key to the room is and now she is stuck in thought!

Bridgette is really uneasy now for she will be checking the place all around for that key so that she can enter the room where that costume is. Escape players, imagine you are Bridgette here and the situation is the one you are currently trying to accomplish, will you be able to get this done and get the heck out of the house without too much incident?

Death Skeleton Halloween Escape is the newest point and click indoor retrieval escape game created by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Death Skeleton Halloween Escape

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