Dance Studio Escape Game

Dance Studio Escape

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Chanel was one of the dancers in the town and every single one of those dancers are a pride of the place, they take good care of them by training them every week so they can win in competitions and put their town on the map! It's an honor that Chanel does that for her hometown, but that day when she woke-up in the dance studio, she was in great confusion for she remembered sleeping in her home the night prior!

Chanel thought this was a dream at first, but when she gathered herself up, it was clear that this is not at all so. Chanel tried to remember why she was there but she can't recall why though, maybe she is still confused after all she just woke up? Little did she know there is another thing to be confused there, for when she tried the doors so she can leave the studio, she couldn't get herself out for the thing was locked! Chanel immediately instantly got afraid for the situation was already confusing to her and now this? It's bad enough too that she doesn't have her phone and her stuff. Something is definitely happening here and of course she is going to escape from it. Escape players, want to help Chanel here escape the dance studio where she trains?

Dance Studio Escape is the newest point and click room escape game from Selfdefiant.

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