Crime Scene Escape

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As an officer, Hugh and his co-workers are the ones in-charge of setting everything in a crime scene for the investigators and specialists who will take a look at the place. That night, it was a routine job again at a house in the neighborhood for there had been a crime committed there and of course their job is all important. Hugh was assigned that night to watch the place as proceedings carry-on the next day, they don’t want the crime scene tainted by anybody entering there. But Hugh however was a bit curious of the place, a thing that doesn’t happen at all, but mysteriously he was compelled to enter the house. When he set his foot in the place though, his problem only came to be!

Hugh got trapped in the house for the door would not open when he tried to get out! This is not good, now he is tainting some of the stuff there in his struggle to escape. Knowing that he can’t touch much stuff there, then his escape here will be extra hard. If he leaves signs that he had been to the place which he was not allowed to, then he’ll only get himself fired for this. Hugh was even confused though why he even entered, but that’s passed him already and he needs to fix this right now. Escape players, come help officer Hugh here escape before real trouble comes from his superior if he finds-out.

Crime Scene Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.