Grove Bamboo Forest Escape Game

Grove Bamboo Forest Escape

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What's ahead of the forest now is a garden of bamboo and it stretches for miles! It is definitely beautiful there, but even though that is so, the forest still has some secrets and it is very hard to navigate there even though there is a path in the place, people just take caution when journeying there even the old folks. That day, Roman will be entering the said forest for the first-time, for as a tourist and an adventurer this place is in his bucket-list. There will be no guides there for the place is not really a tourist-spot yet, but still he pushed in there without the knowledge of course that he will be one of the victims of the place!

Roman was following the path as carefully as he can, but those are snaking around the place and because he is not a local, he doesn't know which path to take when there is a split! Roman eventually got lost and this is now a big problem for there are no landmarks in the place and that makes this situation worst. He should have expected this to happen for he was alone when he took the journey, now he needs to navigate back and hopefully as he does so, he'll meet a local that can help him. Escape players, will you be able to escape the bamboo forest if you were Roman?

Grove Bamboo Forest Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by WoW Escape.

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