Forest Officer Rescue (Games 2 Mad)

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The vast forest is teeming with activity aside from its natural ones, for prison escapees and pirates pass through there and because it is a vast place, any chance of catching them is almost impossible. That’s why forest officers have been assigned to the place just to at least make their world a little smaller. The officers are really doing a dangerous job, for those criminals are most of the time armed and they will not hesitate to target an officer there either for a hostage or just end him. As an officer himself, Ezra knows about this very well for he had experience their antics before.

Ezra was roaming around the area he was assigned that day and so far there seems to be no activity in the area, only birds chirping and the leaves in the canopy clamoring each other. But then he saw quite an unusual sight when he passed by an area, and as he checks it one of his co-workers are involved in it! Ezra saw his fellow ranger trapped in that unusual thing he saw even from a distance which was actually a man-sized cage! This is definitely a work of one of those criminals there, he hadn’t personally experience something like this but definitely he knows this is their work. Ezra must get his fellow officer out of there now and quickly for all he knows, the people who have set this might already be coming. Help Ezra on this rescue escape players so a report can be sent about this then.

Forest Officer Rescue is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.