Creepy Cemetery Escape Game

Creepy Cemetery Escape

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Cole and his friends went in a Halloween adventure after they went trick or treating in their neighborhood, they got a lot of candy and they were satisfied, but what they are not contented about though is the adventure, that's why they did something quite reckless as the evening gets older. Cole and his friends went to the nearby cemetery which was obviously locked for people tend to go in it especially on Halloween and mess with things, but the gang knows a path though and without so much hustle, they made it in. As the friends went inside they roamed around and told scary stories, it was absolutely creepy and it was the adventure they wanted, but nothing is scarier though than the sight of the graveyard guard!

Cole and his friends were chased by the guard and even though some are really scared, the others are having the time of their lives! Cole however accidentally knocked himself straight on a branch for it was dark and he can't really see well! Cole woke-up after a while and recalled everything that had happened slowly, he thought it was a dream but nope it wasn't. He bets his friends have already escaped now for they were all chased and well they have no choice but to abandon him. Cole needs to get himself out of the cemetery now though without getting spotted by that guard wherever he is. Escape players, Cole doesn't know where to start so he can get out of there safely, will you help him so he can get home and fix his wounded head?

Creepy Cemetery Escape is the newest point and click graveyard escape game from Selfdefiant.

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