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Creative Room

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The house that Genesis just asked his engineer to build have gone really well! In fact far beyond his expectations, the place now looks like a luxurious place even though it's just simple squares at first and now this, Genesis thanked his engineer for what he did, now the only thing to do is to pay enough on the remaining balance to his engineer and his men the compensation they deserve and relax in his new residence. Genesis loved his new home and everything it could offer, well that's what one gets if they just be good with the people they hire, that day as he said that however, something wrong happened in his house!

Genesis could not get himself out of his house for not just one door would let him out, the rest wouldn't as well! Genesis should call his engineer, but he thinks he can fix this problem on his own, will he be able to really? Escape players, come and join Genesis here then as he tries to solve the problem in his luxurious house for this seems like a security response or something.

Creative Room is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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