Crazy Pumpkin House Escape Game

Crazy Pumpkin House Escape

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In the neighborhood, there is this mansion which is being decorated every Halloween but nobody lives in, it was weird for everybody for every house that is decorated will be giving-out candy during trick-or-treating time. But the house never gives-out and is dark during that time, that's why stories have been made about it that the place is haunted! Children do not go near the house but that evening when Halloween was commencing, Michael decided to enter the house to find-out what's going-on in there! That is a very reckless thing to do, but Michael had always been stubborn and not even his friends can stop him. They didn't want to go in so they only warned Michael before he entered.

Michael started to roam around the rooms and there seems to be nobody inside, Michael continued to venture inside but as he does so, he noticed something and it seems to be following him! Upon noticing that, Michael wanted to leave then but there was another problem, he cannot find his way out! Michael noticed the pumpkins inside the house and it really adds to his uneasiness now. Escape players, want to help Michael here escape the mansion before that mysterious thing following him finally gets close to him?

Crazy Pumpkin House Escape is a brand new point and click spooky indoor escape game from WoW Escape.

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