Crazy Dinosaur Escape

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This land here is home to beings which was suppose to be extinct for millions of years. These beings are the dinosaurs and they are thriving here in this vast forest! Their resurrection was the result of the experiment decades ago and because of that these legendary extinct reptiles are now walking on earth once again. That day it was check day, so as a personnel there who works in the perimeter of this wilderness, Pio was tasked to capture just one dinosaur there of any kind as long as it’s bigger than him. Pio was a little hesitant of that for even though the dinosaur he captures is a leaf-eater, it is still big and powerful enough to hurt him. But he has a job here so that must be done.

Pio busted-out his trusty cage for capturing dinosaurs in the medium scale, he waited for hours until, the alarm went-off! Finally, he wonders what kind of dinosaur did he capture this time? Well he’ll just have to find out. Pio is now heading to the site where his cage is and he is moving carefully. Escape players, want to join him here on this task then of examining the creature together with an expert and freeing it back after? Take note, capturing is one thing here but freeing it is another sort of difficulty, so be ready and stay away from the path of such creatures.

Crazy Dinosaur Escape is another new point and click wilderness animal escape game made by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Crazy Dinosaur Escape

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