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Crab Escape

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Try and rescue a crab here which accidentally got trapped in something. Crab Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Avm Games for another rescues with us.

Matt lives in a village near the beach and everyday when he looks out his window, he always sees this distinct crab near his house and he knows it's always the same one, for its size is distinct and coloration, but he lets it be for a crab that big can really give quite a pinch. One day however, he did not find that crab doing its routine visits, but still Matt ignored it and went-on with his life, well that's until he got to the beach and there he found-out what happened to that same crab he kept seeing.

The crab was actually trapped in one of the crab cages which was currently unused and it's suppose to be used underwater so it can catch crabs! Maybe the creature saw food stuff in there and it might have tried to get it, trapping itself in the process. Well because that crab amuses Matt each day, he decided he'll free it so it can go back to its daily routine, after all this happened accidentally. Escape players, want to rescue a trapped crab here with Matt? Go ahead then and be careful not to get pinched.

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