Find The Officers Wallet Game

Find The Officers Wallet

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Begin your adventure here by finding an item which belonged to a law enforcer. Find The Officers Wallet is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Games 2 Jolly for another dose of fun with us!

Police are now around the village for something happened in one of the house in this place and they need to be there investigating. After an entire week, police visibility had decreased and as a villager, Leo had seen them opening different doors in that specific house and in the end he assumed they found nothing for if they did then he will hear of it thanks to his sources. At the end of the week, there was only one officer there and slowly, cordons have been removed which means their investigation is drawing to a close. But as Leo look at it, that one cop there seems to be looking for something and when he asked him what's the problem, he then knew what.

At first the cop was being uncooperative of telling Leo what's going-on but after a bit, he revealed that his wallet got locked inside the place and he had been trying real-hard to get it. Well the house had already removed of police tapes, Leo have clearance but will he be able to help the cop get his wallet? Escape players, you are welcomed to try this item retrieval with Leo, find that wallet once you enter the place and hopefully that cop isn't crooked, for this is already shady enough for Leo.

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