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Help The Tara

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Rescue someone here who is lost in the great and snowy wilderness. Help The Tara is a brand new point and click snowy rescue escape game released by WoW Escape for more fun rescue adventures here plus an adventure!

The land is now filled with snow for it's currently winter, well Kyle see this every year for a long time now for he lives in the area and it was always normal. One cold day however, Kyle came across something very weird and it's a first in years! Roaming around the snowy forest trail is a must for him, that's because he needs to resupply and also to get his muscles working so it won't freeze in the cold. Kyle saw this girl and she was absolutely not properly dressed in the cold weather! Wasn't she cold? That's the first weird thing Kyle noticed but then she talked and he doesn't have a choice but to listen.

The girl's name was Tara and currently she is looking for her friend around the snowy trail and also was looking for clues which can point where her friend is. Kyle doesn't know about this, but he'll see what he can do though for if this is true then Tara's friend might be in serious trouble. Escape players, what do you think? Care to join Kyle here and see if you can help Tara who was not properly dressed in the cold? Go ahead then and stay alert.

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