Country Villa Room Escape Game

Country Villa Room Escape

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At the countryside, there is this one beautiful house which was distinct and Gerome is lucky that it's his. Well technically it is his grandfather's but when he passed just a few months ago, he left the house specifically to him. Well because he visits his grandfather often, he had already fallen in-love of the place and he will very much accept it. Gerome traveled for a few hours and as he arrived, it just brought him some memories of times gone by, well that's life and he must face that and on the bright side, his grandfather had left him something very good.

Gerome lived in the house for a few days as he had planned, he wanted to decide on what to do with the place for he can't really live in there for long, that's because he has work at the city and of course he can't just destroy the old place. Gerome was positive he'll get an idea sometime but before that however, a problem came which he needs to solve! Escape players, Gerome was caught off-guard with a problem there and it's sitting between okay and serious, which means he needs to solve it now so will you help him out? Come and set-foot on Gerome's living room here and find-out too what had happened.

Country Villa Room Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games.

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