Conventional Living House Escape

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The resort’s luxurious rest-houses are located in a different area there, Mindy got to admit the place here kind of plays on the people’s minds here, for the luxurious houses looks like a cottage in the outside but on the inside it is modern and definitely convenient. Mindy definitely stayed in one of those luxurious huts, for she had never been in them before and well in her stay it was definitely worth it. That day though when she was getting ready to go to the beach, something seems to be happening in her rest-house there and it definitely affected her day.

Mindy could not get out of the rest-house for the door was now mysteriously locked! Mindy tried her best but she really couldn’t, guess she might have busted the door here or something, she hoped she hadn’t for she is really going to pay for that. Escape players, Mindy still has no answers what’s happening there and she couldn’t solve this on her own. Will you be able to help by making use of stuff there in the rooms and of course without damaging anything?

Conventional Living House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Conventional Living House Escape

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