Finding Luca Vespa

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The coastal town here is quite silent that day, well that’s kind of disadvantageous for Luca here, for when he returned from the sea he found his Vespa no more! It was suppose to be where it’s suppose to be, there sitting in the docks but it was nowhere to be found now, and because there was nobody around nobody can really help him there. Guess Luca will do this himself, who knows where that thing could be which he treasures so much, hopefully though it wasn’t stolen or something.

Escape players, Luca will now try and find his missing Vespa here in the town wherever it is, it could be the work of that no good bully of the town again, but he just hopes it’s just nearby and was set aside by a townsfolk there for safety. Will you help Luca here everyone as he tries to find his missing Vespa here around the town? Take into account every possibility then, for all you know that Vespa could be under the water now and that is definitely bad news for him.

Finding Luca Vespa is a brand new point and click retrieval escape game released by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Finding Luca Vespa

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